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Restless to Renewed reTREAT

October 11 - 14th, 2024

Elkin, North Carolina

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Personal Retreats Just for You

Yes… a whole vacation devoted to YOU and working on what's most important to you, at your own pace.

My holistic 1-to-1 sessions will help you to focus on your purpose and passion. Strengthen your spiritual muscles to manifest miracles in all areas of your life.

"I had an entire paradigm shift! You just gotta do this,

I can’t explain what happens."

--Emra Smith

Founder of The International School of Story

"I had an entire paradigm shift! You just gotta do this, I can’t explain what happens."

--Emra Smith

Founder of The International School of Story

I've integrated my insights as a Unity prayer chaplain, my high-profile career as a beauty entrepreneur, and wellness counseling training from Cornell University into a retreat focused on what you want. From beauty tips to boundaries, beliefs and business, I’m with you all the way, helping you envision your dream.

Working together sparks way more joy and healing than doing it alone. And you don't have to be alone, I come with a kind-minded community and resources to support you beyond our time together.

"Jules created a loving and wise container for me."

--Jesse Powers

Songwriter & Musician

Know Your Value

Reminding you of who you are, your true worth and value, is my jammy jam. I believe that you are the C.E.O. and designer of your life; I want to be in your corner, on your team, cheering you on.

My intention is that you feel the benefit of having private, rejuvenating time with me as your guide, listening to you and helping you tend your mind's garden by weeding out old patterns, beliefs & thoughts.

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My retreat with Jules was a delight!

I am very grateful for her knowledge, expertise, and grace. Her calm, encouraging demeanor was much appreciated. She showed how spirituality can be seamlessly weaved in. I definitely continued to process and have ah-ha moments beyond the retreat. Jules is a treasure and very good at what she does!

--Mariann Primus, Writer & Meditation Coach

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My day retreat with Jules went so well!

I was anxious about a doctor's appointment and my experience with Jules was just was perfectly timed. She was very reassuring and just what I needed! It was really great to know that I had someone who could relate to me. She has such a special way of reframing thoughts. I highly recommend 1-on-1 retreat with Jules!

--Siobhan Egan, Photographer & Co-Founder of Paprika Southern

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As a natural goal getter, I had to learn how to get out of my own way for the life I really wanted. I had to surrender the ego driven performer for a deep centeredness in God. I simply became more me without all the extra walls, fears, traumas, scars holding me back. Jules helped me with an intense blossoming into self-love, inner peace and alignment with my values.

--Mia Mance, Radio Host &

Creator of Mia Talks

You Are Worthy

My job is to confidentially hold space for you to find the answers that you're looking for. I use affirmative and meditative prayer to boost growth mindset, compassion, and increase emotional intelligence.

It's Time to Invest in You...

Deepen self trust, build confidence, and master your spiritual wellness!

Why a retreat instead of a session?

Personally and professionally, I’ve found that there’s too much pressure to cover everything in an hour. Most of us need time to sit and think -- maybe even take a nap! -- before moving on to the next topic. There’s no need to rush healing and growth. You are worthy of time.

How exactly will this work?

We'll meet at a retreat location of your choice, here in Hopeful, GA or elsewhere. Plan for a minimum of 2 nights, with our session held on the 2nd day. Our conversation will flow on and off all day as you have questions, reflect, take action and repeat… you’ll utilize me as much or as little as you need. It’s that easy. 

How will our time together flow?

You'll have time for restoration, rejuvenating self care, and healing movement as you are immersed in the beauty of nature. Days can contain 1-2 coaching sessions with me in addition to white space for you to rest. You're the boss.

What types of things can we work on?

It's up to you! We can cover any of these areas of holistic wellness: 

• Spiritual (beliefs, values & self-worth)

• Entrepreneurial (spiritual money & purpose)

• Beauty (personal routine, self-care & self-love)

• Emotional (balance & regulation)

• Intellectual (mindset & intentions)

• Physical (healing movement & plant-based eating)

• Social (boundaries & those around you)

After the retreat, can I book additional coaching?

Yes! Clients love to use retreats as a kickoff to personal coaching engagements. Once we share space together, we will share an energetic connection that we can build upon. Packages range from 3 to 12 calls after your initial retreat. 

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Group Retreats

You Can Come Together as ONE

Your group can be a family, team, board or cohort and we will customize a retreat that focuses on your needs. From eliminating limiting beliefs that are halting productivity, to learning how to effectively communicate, our retreats are designed for cohesion and interpersonal trust building. We can accommodate any group size and are flexible to travel to any destination you choose.

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Your Host: Jules De Jesús Fritz

Feeling a call to impact clients on a deeper level, my family and I surrendered my celebrity makeup artist career to take a leap of faith to follow a higher calling. After traveling the country for 2 years in a vintage Airstream, I was trained to confidentially and responsibly hold space. I become a Unity prayer chaplain and graduated from the Wellness Counseling program with Cornell University.

This has all led me to create Miracle Lab, where I serve as a Spiritual Life Coach and teacher. I empower you to experience your authentic self, value and worth in sessions and retreats.

You're the miracle in this lab.

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