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Jules De Jesus Fritz Puerto Rican woman sitting at desk with notebook pen and laptop wearing white shirt and teal necklace

Have you ever wondered if there's more to life than what you're experiencing? Many who've wondered this very thing are now living out their purpose and serving the world with the thing that lights them up. And you can too. You may have no idea where to begin.

At Miracle Lab, our mission is to inspire clients to live & work on purpose, earn spiritual money, and make a positive impact on the world.

You may know exactly what you want to do but you need help with the how. We can meet you where you are in your journey. You’ll find the support and guidance you're seeking to heal, grow, and succeed on your terms right here at Miracle Lab.

Jules De Jesus Fritz Puerto Rican woman sitting at desk with notebook pen and laptop wearing white shirt and teal necklace

Restless to Renewed reTREAT

October 11 - 14th, 2024

Elkin, North Carolina

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Aaaaah... Miracles the Book

In this book, you'll learn 5 practical steps to self-mastery using emotional intelligence that you can use in your daily life. These life skills will help you know what to do with big feelings as they happen. You’ll be encouraged to find deeper inner strength and resiliency, to confidently know what to do to keep your heart calm in challenging moments. 

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Feeling a call to impact clients on a deeper level, my family and I surrendered my celebrity makeup artist career to take a leap of faith to follow a higher calling. After traveling the country for 2 years in a vintage Airstream, I became a writer, a Unity prayer chaplain, and then graduated from the Wellness Counseling program at Cornell University.

This has all led me to create Miracle Lab, where I serve as a Spiritual Life Coach and teacher. I empower you to experience your authentic self, value and worth in sessions and retreats.

You're the miracle in this lab.

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Personal Retreat Experience

Save yourself time, money, and countless hours of frustration by figuring out exactly what you want and what to do next. Take control and invest into yourself with a personal retreat experience.

What is Miracle Lab?

Miracle Lab is an inclusive space to explore and experiment with new beliefs and thoughts to see what actually works best for you. Transform your mind and align with the person you dream of being. Miracle Lab is your safe haven for entrepreneurship, spiritual life coaching, wellness retreats, and empowering beauty consultations and classes.

To inquire about any services, send an email or schedule a clarity call and we'll be happy to any and all questions. If you're an organization looking for group workshops or a keynote speaker, we've got you covered.

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The intention with spiritual wellness coaching is to align your experiences, skills, and innate gifts with authenticity. This brings a deep sense of purpose and clarity to your life and business. You'll feel free to discover who you are... your true identity. Thrive in a safe, loving space made of trust and possibility. Our time together is a sacred connection.

This level of transformative healing is not for the faint of heart. You have to make the wholehearted commitment to yourself to do the work because we’ll work on the most important thing in your life… YOU.

What true clients are saying...

"Jules is a delight! I love talking things through with her. She's able to flow easily and very organically. She is so knowledgeable and shows how spirituality can be seamlessly weaved throughout it all. I'm very grateful for her calm, encouraging demeanor, knowledge, expertise, and grace. Jules was an answer to my prayer. She is a treasure and very good at what she does!"

-- Mariann Primus, Writer & Meditation Coach

"Talking to someone who can understand you on any level is, in my opinion, priceless. Working with Jules is amazingly awesome. The advice she gives is sincere and straight from the heart. I can honestly say that she has helped me more than she probably knows! She inspires me to be my best self every day. I am truly blessed to be able to receive her guidance and find my true path."

-- Rochelle Coatney, Musician & Spiritual Seeker

"I love my time with Jules. She is always attentive and always has thoughtful questions. She creates a loving and wise container for me to explore and go deeper inside. It's such a refreshing and perception-shifting spiritual practice. Work with her and watch your energy shift in ways you don’t expect. I continue to process and have ah-ha moments. I recommend Jules 10/10!"

-- Jesse Powers, Musician &

Song Writer

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It's your time to shine

Our time together is custom tailored to your interests... we'll focus on your experience being exactly what you want. It's time to lighten the heart and pour into you, so you can feel as free as a butterfly. You deserve it!

Reservations are now open for Spring/Summer 2024

Be hopeful in Hopeful! Now booking personal and group retreats from May - August 2024 in Hopeful, GA or any destination you choose!

Hopeful Haven

After we traveled the country in our vintage Airstream, we landed on a serene 25-acre farm in a peaceful town called Hopeful when our family grew from three to five -- yes, twins!

Our Hopeful Homestead is our tranquil promised land. We enjoy a gorgeous bird, butterfly, and honey bee population. We're accidental farmers with fruitful pecan trees, acres of delicious blackberries, and vegetable gardens. We have an epic playground with tree houses, relaxing hammock, nearby horses, and a 200ft zipline. And of course our Airstream,

Lovie, is here.

Come to Hopeful for a Personal Retreat Experience and enjoy a slice of peace pie with us!

Jules De Jesus Fritz and Josh Fritz and family reading a book on blanket in front of oak pecan tree airstream camper

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